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Pete Donnelly: When You Come Home

When You Come Home, the debut solo CD from Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey based musician, producer and songwriter Pete Donnelly. The critics have already regarded When You Come Home as a killer album, with famed WFMU DJ Bob Brainen including it among his album picks for 2011. When You Come Home is a watershed record in Pete Donnelly's prolific music career with the 14 tracks were recorded over a period of two years in a different cities and studios, and with an assortment of top-notch players. Built upon catchy and sturdy melodies, and played with a genuine sense of care, Donnelly's new songs are testaments to his artistry.

1 So Fine
2 22nd St.
3 Original Wonder
4 When You Come Home
5 Careful
6 The Keeping
7 Saratoga
8 The Only One
9 Can't Talk At All
10 Far Away Angel
11 Tommy's Piano
12 If They Can't Get It Right
13 Break Through Silence
14 This Way The Back Door