The Figgs

Pete Donnelly: Another Day On You

Behind The Train
The Place Is Packed
Rushing All the Time
Another Day On You
Guitar Inst
Under Blankets
All Your Empty Memories
Letters to Friends
Shooting Away

Bonus tracks:
Pete D’s Got Flava
Barely There
Nobody Likes Me
Crutch of Music
Diving Without Air
Rushing Alt Outro
Laughing Too
When You Rest
Kitty Kitty
Pleasant Afternoon
Kiss and Tell Me
Shooting Away (Bonus Version)
Sleaze Lounge
Wait On My Shoulders
A Pound to Lose

Track Listing

  1. Behind the Train
  2. The Place Is Packed
  3. Rushing All the Time
  4. Another Day On You
  5. Guitar Inst
  6. Under Blankets
  7. All Your Empty Memories
  8. Letters to Friends
  9. Shooting Away
  10. Erased
  11. Pete D's Got Flava
  12. Barely There
  13. Nobody Likes Me
  14. Crutch of Music
  15. Diving Without Air
  16. Rushing Alt Outro
  17. Laughing Too
  18. When You Rest
  19. Collage
  20. Kitty Kitty
  21. Pleasant Afternoon
  22. Kiss and Tell Me
  23. Shooting Away (Bonus Version)
  24. Sleaze Lounge
  25. Wait On My Shoulders
  26. A Pound to Lose