The Figgs

04.14.93 New York, NY - CBGB

Pulling into NYC early spring 1993 on a Wednesday night in the second van we owned (late 70's Chevy). We were touring Ready, Steady, Stoned and now that I am looking at the short eight song set, this must have been one of those 15 unknown bands in one night bills that Hilly liked to have there during the week. We didn't care, we were playing CB's! I saw that there was a tape deck behind the board and being the bands main archivist, asked the sound man (I remember him telling me that he was in The Shoes, but I could be wrong) if we could get a recording of our set. He said yes, but we would need to buy an official CBGB blank tape (see photos included). I think it cost $5.00. We played that club a few times and always had good shows. At another show there, we headlined a night that had maybe four bands total, and the night was such a success, the club actually bought us dinner (pizza), which was a big deal at the time. Anyway, playing this club was important to us. We played other clubs early on in our history of going to NYC, but I remember feeling very excited, and calling friends saying "we are going to play at CBGB!".


01. Cherry Blow Pop (Ready, Steady, Stoned)
02. Stood Up! (Ready, Steady, Stoned)
03. Happy (Ginger)
04. Kristy's Boots (Ginger)
05. Let's Get Arrested (B side)
06. Chevy Nova (Ready, Steady, Stoned)
07. Bus (Low Fi At Society High)
08. Favorite Shirt (Ready, Steady, Stoned)

Track Listing

  1. Cherry Blow Pop
  2. Stood Up!
  3. Happy
  4. Kristy's Boots
  5. Let's Get Arrested
  6. Chevy Nova
  7. Bus
  8. Favorite Shirt

Pressing Information

Production note: Like many soundboard recordings from the '90's, there are issues... The first couple of songs, you can basically see the sound man's hand moving faders, cranking snare reverb, holding his hands to his head, etc... The mix finally settles in around "Happy" and I hope you find this as enjoyable and exciting as I did. To my ears, it sounds like a band who has been together at that point for six years, and can sense something about to happen...