The Figgs

Badger LP (Expanded Reissue)

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The Figgs' Badger 6-Song EP gets an Expanded Reissue! 12 Songs on Vinyl.
**Comes with Digital Download Card**
**Limited to 300 Copies**
100 Blue/White Marbled Vinyl + 200 Black Vinyl
1. To Throw Us- from Badger EP
2. Gone To Seed (Unreleased)
3. Gimme Some Neck (Unreleased)
4. Don't Even Worry (Unreleased)
5. Send Fever To Guide- from Badger EP
6. Three Time's a Riff (Unreleased version)

7. Riding On You - from Badger EP
8. I'm Coming Over Later (Unreleased)
9. She's The One Who's Late (Unreleased)
10. If I Lose My Heart (Unreleased)
11. Smoking A lot (Unreleased)
12. With Pounding Hearts - from Badger EP